109 Hours/Week = What it Takes to Afford a Home at Minimum Wage

This week’s report from the National Low Income Housing Coalition shows what anyone who works with those experiencing homelessness already knows – the lack of affordable housing in this country is staggering. The coalition found there is no place in the United States where a worker earning minimum wage could afford a modest two-bedroom rental. In North Carolina, it would take 90 hours of minimum-wage work each week – and in Wake County 109 hours – to cover the cost.

Through our work at Family Promise, every day we meet mothers and fathers who are trying to lift themselves and their children out of homelessness despite enormous challenges. Our time is spent not just on helping them find shelter but on developing the skills to find financial stability and to remain independently in permanent housing. Your gift to Family Promise helps us help them beat the odds as we also work to advocate for more affordable housing.

The report from the coalition did not surprise us, but it did reinforce the importance of the work Family Promise does. Please donate today to support our efforts.


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